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We match our integration partners with your needs

amavatBusinesses in the eCommerce sector face the monthly challenge of preparing the large amount of transaction data (sales, returns and warehouse transfers) in such a way that this data basis can be used as a basis for the sales tax to be paid to the relevant tax authorities.

Since these data are already available in the corresponding pre-systems (e.g. JTL, Pentymarkets, Afterbuy, different ERP systems, etc.) from online sellers who sell their products on different platforms, it makes sense to use them automatically for the calculation of the VAT without further manual intervention.

amavat® is constantly engaged in developing integration solutions with selected partners, which enable companies in the eCommerce sector to use these software systems to automatically prepare the data in our amavat® format and send it to us electronically in order to comply with your obligations regarding the European VAT regulations. We support our clients in making optimal use of their investments in this IT system and at the same time comply with the complex European VAT regulations in a very effective way by providing complete proof of all documents generated.

The companies listed below have worked with us to develop solutions which we have tested and which are used by many of our clients. They have therefore been accepted into the circle of our amavat® ‘Certified Integration Partners’.

If you as an online seller use software solutions of one of these partner companies, we can guarantee that the data transfer to our IT systems will run smoothly and that all data can be transferred to us automatically in the appropriate amavat® format. A manual upload of the monthly transaction data is therefore not necessary. This saves time and money.

If you are a software company offering solutions for online sellers and would like to provide your customers with an automatic upload of transaction data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website: https://www.plentymarkets.com/

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system that combines stock management, a shop system and a multi-channel solution. The app-based point of sale system plentyPOS is developed in-house and turns the system into a comprehensive omni-channel platform. Compatibility with touchscreen devices allows plentyPOS users to move freely in the sales room, offering their customers a state-of-the-art and convenient shopping experience. Thanks to extensive functionality and many integrations, sellers can use the online-based software to automate their entire e-commerce and offline business. In addition, plentymarkets offers integrations for all relevant markets as well as specialised providers for payment, logistics, legal compliance and affiliate marketing, thus opening up a variety of sales channels at once. All integrations can be used instantly and free of charge. Additional integrations, shop templates and features are available as plugins on plentyMarketplace.

plentymarkets is available in three price models, offering the right pricing for every business: from e-commerce newcomers to seasoned SMEs to a full-service edition for enterprises with individual requirements.

Dekodi Deutscher Konverterdienst GmbH
Website: https://www.dekodi.de/

Since the beginning of 2019, dekodi has been amavat® certified integration partner: Thanks to the co-operation with dekodi, it is now possible to report VAT data in all 28 EU member states fully automatically from the eCommerce software Nexus.

AccountOne UG
Website: https://www.accountone.de/

AccountOne offers an interface that prepares the data from Amazon, Ebay and the online shop for the tax advisor for online sellers. The own evaluation matrix assigns the sales to the correct tax rates and tax countries independently of a ERP system. From the resulting data, invoices can then be automatically sent to the buyer and made available for accounting or tax advisors. In addition, the delivery thresholds are actively monitored and proactively notified of any exceedances. If a threshold is then exceeded, AccountOne automatically converts the evaluation of sales. This ensures that invoices are issued correctly at all times and that the data is perfect for the tax advisor.

Serini Cloud SYSTEM
Website: http://serini-cloud.pl/

Serini Cloud is an ERP modular system designed to effectively integrate multiple platforms and applications. It is intended for customers selling domestic and foreign through Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, e-Commerce stores and accounting and accounting systems. Their system combines all these platforms to maximise the effectiveness of the entire company.

Orbis Software Polska Sp. z o.o.
Website: http://orbis-software.pl/

Orbis Software for over 16 years has been releasing its customers from routine and repetitive tasks, so that they can concentrate on what they like most – developing their business innovatively and increasing profits.

Until now, TaskCentre has regained time and increased work efficiency in more than 5,000 companies around the world, including Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, BP, HSBC, Disney and NASDAQ.

In Poland, at this point, their solutions successfully carry out repeatable activities and eliminate human errors in nearly 100 companies, 24/7 days a week.